Saturday, April 23, 2011

God who?

Happy Easter!

Well in some parts of the world it is Easter already, not quite yet here in California but Happy Easter anyway!

Growing up, Easter was never a huge holiday for our family.  Back when "Spring Break" actually used to be Easter Break and we would be off of school for a week because of this little thing called EASTER we would be in Mexico.  Well, whether it be Spring Break or Easter Break we still go to Mexico.  My point is, we used to go to Mexico the week BEFORE Easter and would therefore color our Easter eggs while in Mexico.  So we did your typical "Easter-y" things as a family.  My brother and I would find our colored Easter eggs and a few plastic ones and we would get our Easter baskets.  Oh yeah, and my brother and mom and I would do this little thing called "go to church."  Too bad Easter isn't really about going to church at all, but more about the candy that you get in your Easter basket.  


Really, the whole church and God thing is getting really sad these days.  Example:  My nephew Dylan sang a Christmas concert type thing at his preschool back in December, you know what they sang????  "We wish you a Happy Holiday!"  Unbelievable!  Not, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, but We Wish You a Happy Holiday?  Really?   


Remember when we had Christmas Break in December at school?  Now it's "Winter Break."


Remember when we had Easter Break in April at school?  Now it's "Spring Break."


Remember when you could say "One nation under God?"  Where did that go?


Sorry, I digress.  We were talking Easter!

So, God sent his only son to die on a cross for my sins and for your sins.  As I sit here days away from delivering a child of my own this is something that I can't grasp.  I haven't met my child yet, but I know all of his or her movements, what time of day he or she gets hiccups, what foods make him or her happy and which ones don't, the size and shape of his or her little foot in my ribs and so much more.  I love all of those things about this baby and I know that when I see him or her (as my co-worker Kim says) my heart will be stolen and live outside my body from then on.  I love baby Fiamengo and saying "ok kid, go die for all of these people who are going to sin and do horrible things and not even be allowed to say your name in school" is beyond me.  I can certainly tell you that I'm thankful to God and Jesus for that ultimate sacrifice that's for sure!

I have a friend from work who is also pregnant and she put it best.  She said something like this:

As I sit here just weeks away from giving birth and living in fear of the pain that I will be in on that day or days, it couldn't possibly be as much pain as wearing a crown of thorns, and being beaten and dragged to a hill to have my hands and feet nailed to a cross.  

Amongst our chocolate bunny ears and Easter egg hunts I hope we all take just one minute to give thanks to God for sacrificing his only son, and to give thanks to Jesus for dying on the cross and rising from the grave 3 days later for my sins and yours.  

Lots of love to you all and Happy Easter!   

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shower Time!

Well hello there! 

 I'd like to welcome myself back to the living.  I've been sick since my last post over a week ago and I'm still just barely hanging on here.  I didn't want you to think I went into labor early or anything like that, nope, just been dragging my butt from couch to bed every day trying to get healthy.

Anyway enough about me, lets talk more about . . . . well . . . ME! :)  Actually, lets talk about Baby Fia and the amazing baby shower that was given to Baby Fia back on April 10th!  

Baby Fia's shower was at El Cholo Restaurant from 11:30 - 2:30.  Let me tell you, the people at El Cholo are just the best!  The managers were great when booking the party and updating them on the people attending and the food we wanted.  The servers though, they were just amazing!  They really went above and beyond to make sure every single person at the party had everything they needed.  Not only that, the food at El Cholo is SO yummy!  We had chicken and carnitas tacos, chicken tamales and rice and beans with all the fixings.  Yum-O! 

So my mom, my sister-in-law Molly and Molly's parents Debbie and Eric were the ultimate party planners for this wonderful shindig!  

Molly and I

Mama and I

You have no idea how much work all of these people put into this baby shower, it was unbelievable!  The decorations were incredible.  Molly and her parents made cookies that looked like little sea turtles (the theme of the nursery) and they even had sugar in the bags that looked like sand!  So cute!

They also had giant sea turtle balloons around the room and the center pieces were little baby feet suckers in sand pails with crushed graham crackers as the sand! 

Super cute right? I thought so!

Molly's dad, Eric, also made me a vase out of children's blocks!  So creative and so cute! 

One of the highlights of the day was that my cousin Jan was able to make it to the party!  Not only that, she made the cake for the party!  Not just any cake either, a mama and baby turtle lemon cake with fresh raspberries and butter cream frosting in the middle!  Can you say delicious?  Not only delicious, the cutest cakes I've ever seen!!!!  You be the judge . . . 

I just can't believe how generous everybody was at the shower!  From my party planning family, to my cake making cousin to ALL 50 people that attended and were SO generous with their gifts.  We even had a couple of family members and one of my co-workers who took the time to hand make items for Baby Fiamengo!  By far one of the best gifts ever!

I can't tell you how thankful I am to all of my family and friends who made it out to Baby Fia's shower.  They all mean so very much to me and I know that they will mean just as much to Baby Fia.  

I have to show you a couple of miscellaneous pictures from the shower too, just because they make me smile :)

Wolff Buddy, Me, Jordan (2 weeks ahead of me and just minutes away from labor at the moment), and Molly :)

This one is my favorite!  This is how pregnant ladies have to hug, like 7th grades slow dancing! :)  

I don't have many pictures with my dad so I suppose I can throw one up here.  He's not big on smiling for pictures for some reason so this is the best you're gonna get! :)  Big Papa Wayne! 

After the baby shower I spent some time with my friends and then got to work on all those gifts!  My mom and I separated everything, put things together and then I did 7 loads of laundry for this child that is not even born yet!  You know what is even more crazy about the 7 loads of laundry?  I only got about 5 little outfits!  That means that those 7 loads included lots of blankets, sheets, changing pad covers and washcloths and towels!

I'm finally feeling more prepared for baby to be here after putting things together and putting things away.  Who knew that such a tiny little baby would take so many "things?"  

So, you can say that me and Baby Fia had a pretty darn good shower!  In fact, it was perfect!  I loved every minute of it and have great memories of that day.  

I have one more shower put on by my wonderful co-workers at the Yard House this Friday.  Its more like a Baby Shower Happy Hour which is my kind of party! :)  It should be another fun time for Baby and I! :)

So . . . 35 weeks down, only 35 days to go and baby is weighing in at a comfy 5lbs 6oz as of today's appointment!  Baby is estimated to be about 7 1/2 pounds by birth which I'd say is a pretty good size!  I can definitely tell you that according to the ultrasound pictures most of that weight is in the cheeks and feet! :)  Takes after its daddy already! :)

I'll keep you posted on all things baby as we get down to the end!

PS. If there are any of you out there that pray, I'd appreciate some prayers for my friend Jordan who was pictured above.  She's been having contractions for the past couple of days and they are getting closer together as you read this, Baby Will should be here shortly and both mama and baby can use your prayers.  

Have a great week my friends!

Love Jen :) 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh Mexico . . .

I just LOVE Mexico.  

There is really nothing more to it, I love it there.  I couldn't imagine my life without all of my Mexico memories in it.  What a great vacation we had, just like every single time we go.

That is a picture of the newest improvements they have made in Mexico.  They are getting pretty high tech with a sign like this actually.  They have also improved the roads there better than they do here!  There was a long period of time where they actually didn't have roads and it would add on about another 2-3 hours to our trip.  We used to drive on a dirt road that was like a washboard so you could only drive about 7MPH at the most, it was terrible.  So this sign is actually a huge deal.

My grandparents actually live 40 miles past San Felipe in a Camp called Campo San Martin.  Nobody knows about the camps that are passed San Felipe so it's easier for us to just say we went to San Felipe for the weekend.

So of course, the weather was beautiful as always!

Although the sun is really bad for us and can cause major damage, I can't help but just sit out in the sand and watch all that surrounds me out there.  Its amazing what things you can learn about yourself, others and just the world in general when you have no access to modern technology.  Its really nice.  No cellphones, no computers, no interruptions of your own thinking because your favorite show is on or the door bell rang . . . just straight peace and serenity.  

Sunrises and sunsets are the highlights of your day when in Mexico, they are amazing.

Not only that, it was a New Moon when we got there on Sunday which meant a pitch black sky and more stars than you could ever imagine.  We've seen the stars there for 28 years and they still amaze me every single time I see them.  Plus, since it was the New Moon that meant that the grunion would be running 3-4 days after the New Moon.  Sure enough, by Wednesday the grunion were out and about doing their thing!  A crazy site to see that's for sure!

At night time, if the solar was good, we would watch a little bit of TV.  The best part about watching TV in Mexico is watching it with my Aunt Glady (90 years old) and my Grandpa (78 years old).  Neither of them can hear very well, my Aunt Glady because of old age and my Grandpa because he worked in a machine shop for several years.  Since they can't hear well they have these things called "TV Ears" that they wear.  They just pop them in their ears and are able to hear the television just like you and I, its so cute!  They didn't know we were going to take the picture so they look angry, but they really aren't :)

Too cute.

One day it rained which is really really unusual for Mexico.  The great thing about rain in Mexico is that it literally lasts 3 minutes at the most and then the day clears up to be perfect again, its wonderful!

One of the other great highlights of the trip was the rest time we all got!  As you know, I cannot sleep on my tummy being 8 months pregnant, not a fun time.  So, Marc dug me a hole in the sand for my belly and I got some tummy time!  How awesome is that?  It felt so good to get to lay on my belly for a little while, I loved every second of it and miss it so much! The other incredible thing about Mexico is the famous hammock.  I actually got a nice little nap in on that sucker and it felt oh so amazing! :)

What else is so great about Mexico you ask?  I'll tell you, the food!  When there is nothing to do all day your biggest concern is food.  We discuss what we are going to eat for every meal every day multiple times a day.  The best part is when we decide to "go out" to eat.  Going out to eat in this part of Mexico means going to a Mexican families home and having them cook for us.  Or in one case, going to the local "market" and having them cook for us there.  Faly is the name of a lady who owns a little Market a few miles down the road.  She is so sweet and her and her husband cook for us whenever we are there, she makes killer huevos rancheros, I'm drooling just thinking about it right now!  Yum!

The Huevos Rancheros

Cute Lil Faly

Yes that is Faly's kitchen and despite the way it looks, that kitchen has all kinds of flavor in it!  Yum!

Anyway, I could go on for multiple blogs about Mexico.  That place is my second home and where all of my greatest memories are.  I'm so thankful that my grandparents live there and live a happy and healthy life down there.  

A visit to grandma's house for me is not your typical visit, but I couldn't imagine it any other way.

On a quick side note, today was my baby shower and it was beyond amazing!  I can't wait to tell you all about it in my next blog!!!!

Much love and a happy week to you!


Jen :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

The weekend is crackin up to be a good one already!

Last night my mom and I got to take Dylan (nephew) on date night!  Or in Dylan's words, "I get to go on a date with Nana and Tee Tee!"  He was very proud to be both of our dates for the night too, he even got dressed up for the occasion.

Yep.  That's Dylan all spiffied up in his button down shirt, shorts and Star Wars slip on faux vans, he was stylin and proud to hold both of our hands.

We started out date night with a little Red Robin, you can never go wrong with Clucks and Fries and a Strawberry Lemonade!  Then we headed to Brea Olinda High School to see a musical performance, Beauty and the Beast!  Dylan has never seen the movie but he has seen the commercials on TV for the real performance of Beauty and the Beast.  We were a little worried at first because Dylan tends to get bored a little easily and he also doesn't like loud noises, not a good combo for a musical performance.  To our surprise he loved it!  He sat on Nana's lap the whole time and didn't want to leave.  He had a great time for his first musical performance, I'm so glad that we got to experience it with him.  I must admit, the high schoolers that put on this performance were incredible!  They did an amazing job and its no wonder why they kept a 4 year old's attention for 2 1/2 hours, just incredible.

So that was the start of my weekend.

Then, this morning we headed to our first Childbirth class.  This class is put on by our hospital and is a series of 3 classes called Prepared Childbirth.  I'd say that's an oxymoron and I'm not even a mom yet . . . but . . . I assume that you can't really be "prepared" for childbirth, no?  I suppose every bit of education is helpful though.  Marc is not happy about having to go to these classes with me and my brother thinks that childbirth is a natural thing that we should just know how to do.  I agree to an extent, but I also think that if you are given the opportunity to further your education through classes or books then you might as well take advantage of it.  It won't hurt us, it will only benefit us.  I was actually pretty excited to go to the class this morning and it turned out to be really good, I really enjoyed it.  I'm excited to go again next week now!  Marc won't be with me next week which will be a big bummer and makes me sad but on the flip side at least I don't have to hear him complaining about being there for the whole 3 hours.  

What am I most excited for this weekend though?  Refer back to the title of the blog please. :)

Yep, it's that time of year again when we get to say Adios to crowded and polluted California and Hola to the beautiful clean and clear skies of San Felipe Mexico!  To those of you who haven't been to Mexico or who have only been to the tourist towns of Mexico I'm sure you're thinking, "um what?"  Most think of Mexico as a dirty, stinky and scary place to be . . . . some places are.  Then again, Los Angeles can be a dirty, stinky and scary place to be also.  This is what our Mexico looks like, you tell me what you think?

Stinky?  Nope.  Dirty?  Not even close.  Scary?  No way!  

Clean?  Yep.  Beautiful?  Absolutely.  Safe?  You bet!

My grandparents retired down there roughly 30 years ago so I've been going to Mexico at least twice a year since I was 6 months old.  I've never missed a Spring Break in Mexico in my 28 years and being 8 months pregnant isn't about to stop me now!  

The other great part about going to Mexico is the fact that my 90 year old Great Aunt Glady will be flying in from San Francisco tonight and will be traveling with us.  She is the best!  She is super funny and witty and certainly does not act like she is 90 years young!  In fact, she just about runs everywhere she goes because she doesn't want people to be waiting on her.  She is one of the greatest people on this earth.  The funny thing about 90 year old Aunt Glady is her day to day routines at home.  She goes to church every single morning except Sunday, she volunteers at places like the Boys and Girls Club and get this, in her words, "I deliver Meals on Wheels to the old people!"  Hilarious!  Anyway, Glady is my grandma's sister and about 12 years older than my grandma.  Its funny to see them together in Mexico because my grandma waits on her hand and foot, my grandma doesn't really do that with people so its great to watch!

Anyway, so yes, my weekend is cracking up to be a good one.  Can't wait to go to Mexico and can't wait to share my blog with you when I return.  On a side note, all of my Words With Friends people, don't worry when you don't get a play back from me for a few days, no cellphones in Mexico make for no play time.  So sorry, I will miss you all!  I have about 11 games going right now and you all rock!  

I hope everyone has a great week!  If any of you believe in a higher power please pray for save traveling for all of us . . . oh and no preterm labor either please :)  Thank you!

Adios Amigos! 

Jen :)