Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Talk Food . . .

Yes, lets!

If you've read any of my blogs, it's no surprise to you that we enjoy food over here in Fiamengo-ville!  Pretty much everything that we do revolves around where we are going to eat, what we are going to eat and when we are going to eat.  Is that just our household or is it yours too?

That's my mom.  Yes she has two donuts for eyes, is there something wrong with that?  This was taken while on one of our San Francisco trips.  We went to a donut shop called Dynamo Donuts that was televised on The Food Network Channel.  I don't remember what the chocolate one was but the other one is a maple bacon donut!  They are notorious for making creative donuts that you otherwise wouldn't think to eat.  We ordered 3 different donuts but the only one that sticks out in my mind was the maple bacon one.  We like to look up different places that have been made famous by The Food Network Channel and try them out, its fun!  

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that eating is a great thing.  What greater joy in life is there other than eating (rhetorical)?  If you are going to go out on a date what are you going to do . . . most likely dinner and a show or something pretty darn close to that.  If you are going to hang out with your friends what are you going to do . . . most likely dinner and drinks.  If you are going to celebrate a Holiday or a Birthday what are you going to do . . .  most likely make food AND dessert.  Yes, food revolves around a lot of what we do and since we need it to nourish our bodies, why not make it fun!

I'll share with you some of our food pictures . . . since we tend to take a lot of food pictures . . . and I'll share with you the story behind that experience, sound good?

This is the infamous clam chowder in a bread bowl.  Anytime you pass through Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco you have to have clam chowder in a bread bowl!  I don't even like seafood but I'll eat the most seafood-i-est soup on the planet if it's from Fisherman's Wharf, yum!

This is obviously a delicious plate of fries.  Now, the Orange County Fair as I've mentioned before is known for it's food.  Hence the theme of the fair this year being "Lets Eat!"  Perfect!  If you were to people watch at the fair you would see some of the happiest people there are the people who are eating.  Some examples of fair food include, chocolate covered bacon, a stick of fried butter, grilled corn on the cob, fried Twinkies, pulled pork sandwiches, corn dogs, Carmel apples, turkey legs and oh so much more yummy goodness.  What do we do at the fair?  We eat! 

So, this might not be the most exciting food picture ever, but it comes with the greatest experience of all! This is a photo of the food at our wedding.  We had a buffet style dinner with fajitas and rice and beans and all that delicious Mexican food that we all love.  The only downfall of this delicious meal . . . I only got one bite.  The reason why I even got the one bite was because our photographer photographed a picture of Marc and I feeding each other.  Thank goodness he did that otherwise I wouldn't have even tasted the food!  Anyone who has been married should know that eating at your wedding is pretty darn close to impossible because everyone wants to come congratulate you and hug and kiss you and then before you know it you are swept off greeting all of your guests.  Bummer!  Best day ever though, tied with Leah being born of course. 

You've seen these, you know these, you love these!  Of course these pictures are all repeat pictures of previous Mexico blogs.  Although fair food is pretty darn delish, nothing in this world could ever compare to the food we eat in Mexico.  There is nothing better and that's a fact!  Not to mention we get to eat all this food on the patio overlooking the beautiful water with dolphins swimming by and pelicans flying through the air.  Are you starting to see why food makes me so happy? 

Lastly, lets talk dessert! 

These two cakes were from our wedding.  My cousin made them for us and they were by far the best part of the wedding.  The first one is of course Marc's grooms cake from me, have to have the fire truck! Then there is our wedding cake, gasp!  It was beautiful!  I know that I'm biased, but that cake had to of been the most beautiful wedding cake I've ever seen.  Not to mention, Jan's cakes don't only look great, but they taste beyond amazing too! 

Like I said, food often times means a celebration.  In the case of these three pictures, we were celebrating birthdays!  The first being pumpkin cupcakes (my favorite!) for my birthday, the next being a GIANT cupcake for Wesley's birthday that Dylan is eating and the third being a homemade German Chocolate cake for Marc's birthday.  Each of these photos bring great memories with them.  I remember that birthday because my mom gave/made me everything pumpkin related, it was the BEST!  I remember Wesley's birthday because it was his 1st birthday and because Marc was stung by a bee and honestly almost died of an allergic reaction!  I remember Marc's birthday because it wasn't that long ago and because my mom and I tried really hard to make him that cake and although it tasted good, it turned out really ugly, oh well! 

Another one of my favorite cakes by my cousin Jan . . . . 

Baby Leah Fia's Shower cake!  SO cute!  Lemon cake with fresh raspberry filling, yuuuuummmm

Well . . . I could definitely continue on my food rant for days.  We have pictures of just about everything we eat, I think it's safe to say you get the hint though.  We love food!  We love everything that has everything to do with food.  I don't like exercising the food off my muffin top love handles BUT it's worth it so I can experience eating.  I feel sorry for people that don't enjoy food, its one of the greatest things in this life!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!  You are that much closer to the weekend! 


Jen :) 

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  1. I love food, too! Hooray for food! Especially cake.